Pepper Trance

Getting on for twenty years ago I shared a flat with N, a man I met in my last year at Liverpool University who was later best man at my wedding. We’ve drifted apart over the last decade- he went to London in the late 90s, and I was always the poor relation finances wise when we flat shared, and we kind of mix in different circles now. Things were a bit strained for a while for various reasons though it’s fine on the rare occasions we see each other now. He loved Speedy J’s Ginger album, released in 1993 on Warp’s Artificial Intelligence label. Speedy J is Dutchman Jocham George Paap and the album Ginger was full of techno-going-trance music. This track takes me right back to that flat in Altrincham in the middle of winter, three bar fire, crap black and white TV, cooked breakfasts, The Bleeding Wolf, the pub quiz, Regal King Size, trips to Cream, The Hacienda and Home.

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