Kiss Me Where The Sun Don’t Shine

It looks like it’s going to happen. I’d rather it didn’t. Some things are better left as they where. But if they play somewhere round here next summer I’d have to go (assuming demand for tickets allowed it). Even though I’d rather they let it lie. Somehow, reforming for big money shows twenty years on doesn’t seem like what they stood for in 1989.
She Bangs The Drums is perfect, a musical and lyrical manifesto I never get bored of. ‘The past was yours, the future’s mine’.

And this is a link to Youtube where you’ll find a pretty stunning live performance of Fools Gold in Finland in 1990.

I Believe In This And It’s Been Tested By Research

Or Clash covers, slight return. Jesse Malin, posted here last week with his song Wendy, turned in a piano led cover of one of Joe Strummer’s key lyrics and one of London Calling’s key songs- Death Or Glory with it’s cheap hoods, gimmick hungry yobs, love and hate tattoos, sofas and girls, nuns and the church, dingy basements, dragging handclaps and how death of glory is just another story.