Yes Partial

Sifting through my cds the other night I came across this- Rhythm And Sound. I don’t know why it caught my attention because the cardboard digi-sleeve is black and grey, with grey text, not remotely eye-catching. I’m glad it did though because I’d forgotten how good it is. Rhythm And Sound is the name of the dub/reggae output of Berlin’s Basic Channel, who as Basic Channel defined minimal German dub-techno in the 1990s with a series of 12″ records. The Rhythm And Sound reggae and dub oriented stuff was compiled on one cd, released in 2001 with a new track as opener- No Partial. This is high quality modern dub- deep, dark, digital dub, a little unsettling, with plenty of hiss and massive bass. Not much point listening to this on that little cd player or docking bay you keep in the kitchen for doing the washing up to- this needs to be played on the big stereo in the front room, or on headphones where it might keep you awake for a while.

2 Responses

  1. Got this on 10" and can vouch for it up loud but do not place anything near the speakers, even a two year old as they are likely to be moved involuntarily.

  2. Not bowels I hope.

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