>My Magpie Eyes

The Queen Is Dead is twenty five years old this week, which makes this piece of UK indie twenty six years old. The Loft were signed to Creation in the days when Creation was all about shambolic guitar bands. Up The Hill And Down The Slope rattles along, chasing it’s own tail for most of it’s four minutes, while singer Pete Astor declares his ambitions (‘My magpie eyes are hungry for the prize’) and asks to be given a shot at the world (‘please don’t say no, once around the fair, so I know’). The Loft would implode in 1985, splitting up onstage, which seems like a pretty spectacular way to go out. Pete Astor would go on to form The Weather Prophets (also on Creation), and write several minor classics, Almost Prayed for one. Neither Up The Hill And Down The Slope nor Almost Prayed of these will be remembered like The Queen Is Dead but that doesn’t mean they ain’t no good.

3 Responses

  1. >Love this. Bass player Bill Prince went on to be a sub-editor at the NME, fact fans.

  2. >And future Rockingbird Dave Morgan on drums…….

  3. >perfect

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