>You Got A Lot Of Nerve

Bob Dylan will be 70 on Tuesday, and I’m getting my best wishes in early. Happy birthday Bob. This song is from 1965 and has Bob firing off his barbed wire tongue in someone’s direction while his band kick up a storm. At this time he was busy inventing electricity and also looked like the sharpest dressed man on the planet.

>We’re Gonna Shake Up Your Sleepy Mind

Having already posted three Colourbox songs recently I wasn’t going to do anymore but the mp3 player keeps chucking this up, as if it’s urging me to share it, and who am I to ignore the God of the portable music device?

Arena 2 is a brilliant mid-80s, proto-house torch song- huge piano, skittering and rudimentary drum track and massive soulful vocal. It makes the hairs on the back of the neck stand up. Stunning.

>Cheap Wine Time

Off out tonight, into town for birthday drinks with some friends. I think we’re off to the Northern Quarter. I complained a while ago that Manchester now has more than four quarters, most of them branded areas to sell expensive properties and lifestyles, but someone pointed out that quarter probably comes from the French word ‘quartier’ meaning district. Ho hum.

This song- Cheap Wine Time- is from RTX, Jennifer Herrema’s post- Royal Trux band. Warning- features extensive guitar soloing. In a very rough and ready way.

>Drug Train

The Cramps rode a totally different kind of train, though it did have a beautiful lux interior. Take care when boarding- ‘you put one foot on, then you put the other foot on, then you put another foot on…’

>Didn’t Like Jazz, Didn’t Like Funk…

A great lost song here for you- from the end days of Big Audio Dynamite and their final album, called F-Punk, this is I Turned Out A Punk. Some wheezy garage organ, crashing punk rock riff, shambolic drumming and Mick’s tale of how he turned out a punk.

‘Mummy was a hostess, daddy was a drunk
Cos they didn’t love me then, I turned out a punk
An ex-house full of memories, memories and junk
Never had a childhood, I turned out a punk
Then I learned to play guitar, with a plink and a plunk
I didn’t like jazz, I didn’t like funk
I turned out a punk’
Nothing clever or sophisticated here, just a cracking garage punk song.

>The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 16

Tonight’s rocking rave up is equal parts hillbilly and rockabilly- Carl Belew in 1959 with a crazed song about the trials and tribulations of finding a pair of cool gator shoes. It’s a must. It’s also a favourite of my daughter E.T., who once had a car of seven year olds singing along.

I remember reading an interview with Keef Richards years ago. He was asked what he remembered about the making of Exile On Main Street (I think, could’ve been any album from the late 60s into the late 70s). Keef’s response was, ‘not much really, but I do remember having a really cool pair of alligator shoes’.


Today is my birthday. 41, since you’re asking. I know, where does the time go?

Today’s song is possibly the greatest song The Clash wrote, which makes it probably one of the greatest pieces of post-war popular culture this country has produced. Hey, it’s my birthday and I’ll make wild claims if I want to. (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais is surely well known to most readers, and is the pinnacle of The Clash’s ‘trash reggae’, has brilliant tinny production and guitars, bass playing that proves that by this Paul Simonon has learned to play and more great Joe Strummer lines skewering late 70s Britain than any one song should contain.
At the time of typing, no-one has bought me a set of Clash action figures but there’s still time.