>The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 16

Tonight’s rocking rave up is equal parts hillbilly and rockabilly- Carl Belew in 1959 with a crazed song about the trials and tribulations of finding a pair of cool gator shoes. It’s a must. It’s also a favourite of my daughter E.T., who once had a car of seven year olds singing along.

I remember reading an interview with Keef Richards years ago. He was asked what he remembered about the making of Exile On Main Street (I think, could’ve been any album from the late 60s into the late 70s). Keef’s response was, ‘not much really, but I do remember having a really cool pair of alligator shoes’.

One Response

  1. >Brilliant!I've always wanted a pair of crocodile winkle pickers.Have a good weekend SA

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