>Cash Train


Arriving at Platform One tonight, in place of our scheduled Friday Night Is Rockabilly track, is the Orange Blossom Special which set off in 1965 and rattles along, whoop-whooping as it goes. I don’t know if it’s folk or country or rock ‘n’ roll or what- it’s just a cracking Johnny Cash song. It also has one of the coolest album covers ever. Get it on vinyl to appreciate it fully.

01 Orange Blossom Special.wma#1#1

5 Responses

  1. >Thought of you today as The Ethiopians 'Train To Skaville' played in the car. This one'll run and run! (but we apologise for the delay to your journey).

  2. >Hey- hadn't thought of that one. Is the buffet car open? What drinks do they have?

  3. >Unfortunately due to staff shortages the buffet car is closed. We apologise for any sobriety this may cause.

  4. >Good job I stashed this bottle of gin in my travel bag.

  5. >Too right. Got some moonshine in ma hip flask right heah.

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