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So, as I mentioned earlier we were on holiday in Lincolnshire this last week, and I suggested one day we visit the very pleasant market town of Louth (home of Robert Wyatt don’t you know). I knew for a fact (through pre-holiday research, sad ,yes, I know) that Louth contains a record shop, advertised in the music monthly magazines. At an opportune moment I slip off from the three other adults and five children and spend some time rummaging through the crates at Off The Beaten Track Records. After a while everyone else turns up and the kids buy a dvd, the adults chat to the owner and I buy several records, new and second hand. If you’re ever in eastern England, get yourself to Louth and Off The Beaten Track.
I think this let’s me off not taking part in Record Shop Day, part of which does annoy me- limited edition re-issues which turn up on ebay hours later at inflated sums. I wholeheartedly support record shops and helping them survive. I just don’t need to be told when to go to queue for hours to get something special. You can get something special in a record shop any day of the week.
For the record the trawl included a Smiths e.p. (German import 12″) with Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others as the A-side, The Vaccines’ If You Wanna on 7″, a Carter Family album (a 1974 re-issue), a very nice 12″ copy of Pump Up The Volume (yes, I have already got it, but it’s in perfect nick with thick cardboard picture sleeve), and the 7″ of this- Dishonest John by The Jim Jones Revue. It’s a right old life-affirming rock ‘n’ roll racket, and I couldn’t play it with a hangover, but it hits the spot right now.

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  1. >You're right, every day is record shop day. However, I've just been whinging about the whole thing over at Drew's.

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