>Hypnotise Us


I posted a different mix of Hypnotone’s Dream Beam ages ago, the Ben Chapman version with it’s huge bleepy intro. This version was by remixed Danny Rampling and on the Creation does dance Keeping The Faith compilation. Rampling keeps the big vocal, gives us synth stabs rather than pianos and a well Balaeric rhythm to hypnotise us, as the vocal sample says several times. A friend of Bagging Area reckons the over-riding thing about records like this one was the sense of possibility in them. He’s not wrong. I saw Hypnotone play Dream Beam at the Sefton Park festival in Liverpool in summer 1990, sitting by the pond in almost complete darkness. It’s stayed with me ever since. Tune, as people used to say.

Dream Beam(Danny Rampling mix).mp3

>Space Needle


A few years ago one of the first blogs I began visiting regularly was Spoilt Victorian Child, now defunct but formerly a home to all things leftfield and guitary. Through SVC I discovered Space Needle and this song Never Lonely Alone. Dreamy, blissed out, Spacemen 3esque, experimental- Space Needle were a US band active between 1994 and 1997, and without the internet and music blogging I’d never have heard of them. This is a lovely track which deserves a wider audience. Cheers Spoilt Victorian Child.