>Dum Dum Dum


Dum Dum Girls take their cues from the 60s girl groups, the mid 80s shambling indie scene and The Ramones, with front woman Dee Dee described as a ‘goth rock Susannah Hoffs’. Whilst there may not be much here you haven’t heard before here, they’re young enough to have an excuse and they do it very well. This is I Will Be from last year’s e.p. of the same name. They have a new e.p. out, He Gets Me High, which you can probably buy or steal from the usual places.


>Johnny, You’re Too Bad


The Slickers, a three part vocal reggae group, found some fame and attention when this song, Johnny Too Bad, appeared on the soundtrack to The Harder They Come in 1972. The song criticises Johnny and the rude boys for the shooting and knifing and making the women cry, while also managing to glamourise him and his lifestyle. Either way, this is a great song.

11 Johnny Too Bad.wma