>More Dirt


I posted Good Life as covered by Detroit band The Dirtbombs last week. If you haven’t got their album of Detroit techno covers done garage rock style then you really should. In my post last week I suggested Strings Of Life didn’t really work. I was wrong. It’s the track off the album I’m playing the most at the moment.

This is Sharevari by The Dirtbombs remixed by Omar S, who keeps some of the garage rock guitars, bass and vox, and adds moody electronics and crisp Detroit drums, sending it back to the dark corners of the club from whence it came. Very good and likely to wear out the lino in your kitchen.

The Dirtbombs – Sharevari (Omar-S Remix).mp3#2#2

>Wah Wah


This is one of those records that often seems to populate the 7″ box in charity shops, all dog eared sleeves and scratched disc. I’ve written before of my buying multiple copies of records in Oxfam and suchlike over the years, just because I can’t leave them in the shop, decaying and unloved, surely eventually ending up as landfill. However I could not house the numbers of copies of this single I’ve seen. Why is it so often abandoned?

Our local Oxfam occasionally turns up trumps- one time it was full of the entire Siouxsie And The Banshees back catalogue and most of Wah!s output. I was trying to work out what sort of person would have such musical taste, to collect the full works of both the ice queen of goth and Liverpool’s ‘part time rock star, full time legend’. But then again maybe it was two different people, coincidentally getting rid of vinyl at the same time. Or even better, maybe it was a couple, each one dumping it’s youthful record collection to make space in a new place they’ve just got together, one a Banshees fan, the other a Wylie lover – that’s an idea I like. But I’m sure I would’ve spotted a Siouxsie lookalike and a Wylie wannabee wandering around Sale by now.

Enough blathering. From 1984, The Mighty Wah!’s mighty Come Back. It’s not as good maybe as The Story Of The Blues or Sinful, but it’s still worth a few minutes of your time.

Come Back.mp3