>Moan, Moan, Moan


Malcolm Middleton’s A Moaning Shite was the B-side to the Break My Heart single in 2005 and is my favourite Malcolm Middleton song- full of characteristic self-loathing, shot through with black humour and with an explosive finale. I played this to someone once who nearly leapt out of the chair just before the end. You have to listen to this all the way through to fully appreciate it.

A Moaning Shite.mp3

>Miami Beach


Sticking with American alternative 80s this is The Fire Of Love by The Gun Club. Their first album, also called The Fire Of Love, was an electric punk blues tour de force. The follow up album Miami was recorded with a largely different band and saw Jeffrey Lee Pierce go slower and spookier, and whilst it’s not as good as the debut, it still has it’s moments. The Fire Of Love is an old Jody Reynolds song. None of it really reflects what a stereotypically British view of Miami is, no bronzed bodies and flash cars, more like what Greil Marcus called ‘the old, weird America’. And the cover does at least feature palm trees.

The Fire of Love.mp3