>It’s For You


Sticking with Manchester in the 80s this is former Buzzcock Pete Shelley with his 1983 ‘hit’ (number 66 with a bullet) Telephone Operator. Post Buzzcocks he dumped the breakneck guitars for a more electronic sound, with guitars. In this creepy little song Pete expresses desire for the person at the switchboard- ‘telephone operator, you’re my aural stimulator, phone you up an hour later, you’re all I’m thinking of’.

Telephone Operator.mp3#1#1

3 Responses

  1. >From probably his most creative period. Seeing The Buzzers now is just heartbreaking. He and Diggle just don't look right anymore.

  2. >This and Homosapien are knockouts – I met him a few years back, he was so drunk I couldn't understand a single syllable

  3. >I posted Homosapien way back, great single.

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