Version Francoise

Ed Ball co-formed Television Personalities with Dan Treacy during the punk period, set about Bill Grundy, Part Time Punks, Syd Barratt amongst others and set up their own record label. Ball also formed The Times who released records regularly between 1980 and 1999. While finding a home at Creation in the 80s and 90s Ball found the time to record various (sometimes tongue-in-cheek) celebrations of acid house, drug culture and Manchester/London at the time. This is Lundi Bleu, his version of New Order’s Blue Monday with Bernard Sumner’s lyrics translated into French. It’s a post-acid house, 8 minute monster which finds time to turn into Neil Young’s After The Goldrush at the end. Very lovely and very of it’s time. Art Dept IAMT, currently in Nuremburg, this one’s for you.

The Times – Lundi Bleu (Man New Age Mod Mix).mp3

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  1. I was a big fan of The Times during the early to mid 80s, their This Is London album is one of my favourite Mod(ish) things.I owned this, but at the time I got a little bored of it. Sounds damn nice now though.

  2. I'm a big fan of his Manchester record, not a novelty record but a touching tribute to the Town Creation had adopted at the time. Definitely worth a look/listen.

  3. And I forgot to mention Love Corporation. Doh.Tedloaf.

  4. Love Corp are great.

  5. >vielen dank!

  6. Our second volume of the Television Personalities tribute had a lovely cover of Cloud Over Liverpool by Wales band Superszar. We are currently putting together a Times tribute – hopefully ready in the next year.

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