The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 2

One of the great things about rockabilly is there are tons of songs and singers to discover and unless you’re a total afficionado you can come across someone who’s ‘an unknown legend’ but totally new to you. In that line, tonight I give you Gene Maltais, whose The Raging Sea I got into recently on the Rocket In My Pocket compilation (out on Ace Records). I’ve since discovered I’ve got it on another comp, and another track by him on yet another comp, but somehow have missed them or not listened to them properly- easily done I find when it’s a compilation of twenty-five plus songs. Gene Maltais has got a truly great voice and a rocking guitar sound, and this song is the quiffed up business- play it ’til it wears out. Gene wants to love his woman ‘like a raging sea’, which is just less than ‘the force of a thousand suns’, a unit noted over at The Ghost Of Electricity blog a while back as very powerful indeed. Top stuff for your Friday night.

CJ- if you happen to be reading this, does the photo of Gene Maltais remind you of anyone we know?

03 The Raging Sea.wma