History Lesson With Breakbeats

Steinski’s Lesson 3 (History Of Hip Hop) is slide ‘n’ fade, cut ‘n’ paste, hip hop without rap (if that makes sense). Built from the now over-familiar samples and beats, it’s funky, urgent party music from before rappers took over. Ideal if you’re staying in with friends tomorrow night.

I found a copy of this (a 90’s reisssue, but still…) in Sale Oxfam for £2.99 the other day. How does this stuff end up there? It’s a reason I can’t, no daren’t, pass a charity shop without rummaging in their vinyl box.

Steinski_01_03_Lesson 3 (History Of Hip Hop).mp3

Your Face Is A Hammer In My Head

Whatever that means.

The House Of Love were the new Weather Prophets. In Dave Cavanagh’s biography of Creation Records he describes The Weather Prophets slagging off Guy Chadwick’s band as ‘too psychedelic’. The House of Love’s first album The House Of Love was 1988’s indie heavyweight, chock full of great songs and two blistering singles- Christine and Destroy The Heart, all guitar effects and mystery. They signed to Fontana and came back with Never, which the press didn’t like, and then this I Don’t Know Why I Love You. Recorded with guitarist Terry Bickers but released after he’d been dumped at a motorway service station for unreasonable behaviour- drugs, ego, burning a tenner in the van, punched by the drummer etc etc. This is a great song, played to death on my stereo when it came out. Yes, it has iffy lyrics and lacks some of the ‘ethereal’ nature of the first album’s songs but it’s got a great drilling riff. After this it was all downhill, then scuppered by Madchester but briefly they were very good.

10 I Don’t Know Why I Love You.wma