I Struck A Match

The Weather Prophets 1986 debut single Almost Prayed is a gem of mid 80’s indie- great guitar playing, lovely chiming riff, softly sung- it’s close to indie perfection and a real Bagging Area favourite. There are two versions, one two and half minutes and one three and a half. I can’t remember why there are two. I imagine it was re-recorded for the album or something. This is the longer one, for extra jangle.

Almost Prayed.mp3

Playing With Knives

From Hawkwind to Bizarre Inc., not much in common musically maybe but I think at some level they’re related.
Playing With Knives was released in 1991, reaching number 4 in the UK. Part of it was knicked by Blue Pearl for Can You Feel The Passion?, which also charted. A re-release in 1999 got to number 30.

Playing With Knives (Quadrant Mix).mp3