Year Of The Remix (And A New Weatherall Remix)

I’ve been reading some of the end of 2010 round-ups and lists and when I started to think about it I realised that a lot of the new music I’ve enjoyed the most and played to death this year have been remixes. Massive Attack’s underwhelming Heligoland album was followed by a remix package which included at least two stunners- Tim Goldsworthy’s remix of Pray For Rain and Gui Boratto’s piano and bass drum heavy Paradise Circus. The xx benefitted from John Talbot’s housed up version of Shelter and Four Tet’s folktronica’d remix of VCR, repeat plays both. Paul Weller’s best solo album since, uh, the last one also came with a bundle of remixes (proof the old man must be moving forward eh?), the pick of them being Richard Hawley’s brilliant reworking of Andromeda, but Future Sound Of London’s alter ego Amorphous Androgynous hit the jackpot too. Error Operator and Wing Commander, both introduced to me by Acid Ted, remixed each other and others to good effect and repeatedly pop up on the mp3 player. There’s probably others I’ve missed or forgotten but there’s a decent mix cd shaping up already.

This being Bagging Area we’re obviously moving into Andrew Weatherall country. Weatherall’s recent productivity has led to superb remixes of Trentemoller (the Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider, Go!!! Prinz remix), both the dub versions of Steve Mason’s Boys Outside single (Dub 2 still available within this site), the bass heavy remix of Grinderman’s Heathen Child and most recently two remixes of Le Corps De Mince Francoise (pictured at the top), the first of which was available free through RCDLBL. Released two weeks ago, Remix 1 of their single Gandhi was in a similar vein to the Grinderman and Steve Mason ones, dubby and bass-led affairs with lots of strange noises. Remix 2 is something else entirely. It arrived via the postman on Saturday morning and I’ve been playing it as often as possible ever since.

Le Corps De Mince Francoise (LCDMF) are a Finnish duo who make dance-pop that wouldn’t sound out of place on a 1990 compilation. Weatherall’s Remix 2 also wouldn’t sound out of place on an early 90s compilation, maybe one mainly featuring his own remixes from that time. It’s over seven minutes of ecstatic and melodic noise, synths, electronic handclaps, and burbling noises. Then it really takes off after the breakdown near the five minute mark with the last couple of minutes sounding like either sunrise or sunset, depending on your disposition. It’s a good ‘un people and no mistake. Get it while it’s hot.

Now, I need to find a cover for my Year Of The Remix cd- maybe that photo Charles and Camilla out for a drive last week will do.

Le Corps Mince De Francoise (LCMDF).mp3#1#1