Why Oh Why Oh Why?

The mash up artist Dunproofin’ has pushed it too far- taken Andrew Weatherall’s Feathers and mashed it up with- wait for it- Girls On Film by Duran Duran.

There are plenty of 80s pop bands you can say good things about. Duran Duran are not one of them. Duran Duran were always awful. Early stuff- awful. The rest- awful, vapid nonsense.

So, download it, listen to it once, then go and wash your ears out with soap. And delete it.


6 Responses

  1. I will not even listen to it once SA, I have heard too much Duran fucking Duran in my life already. I'm sure that both Cameron and Clegg haave their albums secretly stashed somewhere and only say they like the Smiths and Radiohead

  2. Jesus. Girls on film is possibly the worst thing they ever did too. I’m not even a worshipper of Weatherall (am I the only person in the blogosphere who will admit to this?), but this is fucking sacrilege.

  3. Dunproofin's still a genius

  4. Dubrobots is not a worshipper of weatherall! Unleash the hounds….

  5. oh gawd what am I saying, my wife’s gonna kill me

  6. good to hear someone feels the same as me about Duran Duran…
    But… people still listen to mashups?

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