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A reader, Tom, was asking about long lost Madchester band Intastella the other day, so here we go. My 12″ copy of debut single Dream Some Paradise, which memory tells me is quite good, is in pretty poor nick and won’t rip well. At some point I had the album Intastella And The Family Of People, which had a good cover but the tunes didn’t live up to the hype. Not sure where the album is but it’s not under I for Intastella.

After being touted as Manchester’s Saint Etienne and failing to deliver the hits they were dropped by MCA, but resurfaced in 1993 with a single with jungle runner up Shaun Ryder, and then again in 1995 with a cover of Frankie Valli’s northern soul classic The Night. The B-side was this, The Right Experience, and listening to it now it’s alright. It’s 1995 so the Madchester dance pop has gone, replaced by riffier guitars, but Stella’s vocals are good and the song’s nicely laid back. The band originally evolved out of another Manchester band Laugh, and changed their name when Stella Grundy and dancer Little Anthony joined. Little Anthony (at the back in the picture) was a regular face in Manchester’s bars and clubs fifteen to twenty years ago. I’ve got a feeling I may have shared a podium with him at some point. Bagging Area blushes slightly at the memory of this.

If any readers have got files of any of the earlier stuff like Dream Some Paradise or People, and they don’t mind sharing, leave a comment and we’ll get them up here. This appears to be my 500th post, which is surely close to insanity considering I only started this at the beginning of this year. I think Bagging Area actually passed this milestone a few days back as the DMCA removed four or five posts, but the counter down on the right says 500 so we’ll believe it. Thanks for sticking with me people, and for the comments.

The Right Experience.mp3

Why Oh Why Oh Why?

The mash up artist Dunproofin’ has pushed it too far- taken Andrew Weatherall’s Feathers and mashed it up with- wait for it- Girls On Film by Duran Duran.

There are plenty of 80s pop bands you can say good things about. Duran Duran are not one of them. Duran Duran were always awful. Early stuff- awful. The rest- awful, vapid nonsense.

So, download it, listen to it once, then go and wash your ears out with soap. And delete it.