Out Of Our Minds On The Stage

World Of Twist came as part of the second wave of Madchester bands but didn’t really share much with the rest of them except geography. A riot of northern soul, mod, psyche, homemade stage props (a giant shell, rotating newsagents signs) with a post-acid house groove, this was their finest moment- Sons of The Stage.

The song’s a celebration of losing yourself dancing, being on stage and the euphoria of the crowd-

‘The beat breaks so we pick it up
The floor shakes down but it’s not enough
The beam is up and the kids are high
I’ve seen them move and it blows my mind
The floor’s an ocean and this wave is breaking
Your head is gone but your body’s shaking
There’s nothing you can do ‘cos there is no solution
You’ve got to get down to the noise and confusion’

The picture at the top is from Jeremy Deller’s march through Manchester earlier this year, with a variety of unusual interest groups, We Miss The World Of Twist being one of them. Apparently King of the Dullards Liam Gallagher and his new band have recently covered Sons Of The Stage. Best to remember them this way.

02 Sons of the Stage.wma