We Shun Publicity

Sometimes I need a short, sharp, shock of punk rock to blow the cobwebs away. This is Subway Sect, who genuinely couldn’t play, were inspired by seeing Sex Pistols gigs, played the 100 Club festival in 1976, and had something to say. Nobody’s Scared was released in 1978 on manager Bernie Rhodes Braik Records. Rhodes later sacked the band except for singer Vic Goddard and a whole album was left unreleased (cleaned up and released eventually in the last year or two, if anyone’s heard it I’d like to know if it’s worth getting). Rhodes released another Subway Sect single, Ambition, which he had keyboards plastered all over. Goddard later became a postman, before making various comebacks. None of which takes anything away from this urgent, clattering 7″ single.

Nobody’s Scared.mp3

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