What That Dorky Chick Got Wouldn’t Satisfy A Cheesestick

It’s the third Blog Rocking Beats this Saturday evening at The Flying Duck, so if you live in the Glasgow area get yourself down. Drew from Across The Kichen Table (who’s arranged the whole thing) repeated his invitation to me to co-dj but we’ve had hospital appointments and now we’re going away for a week so I won’t be making it. Also, there’s four of them playing records at this one (Drew, JC, ANCB and Gareth) so there’s already many hands on decks. Maybe I should do a Bagging Area night round here and get a guest or two in. Hmmm…

If I was there I like to think I might’ve played this seminal house track- perfect,crisp machine drums, one finger keyboard playing and great vox, including the spoken breakdown bit with the bizarre insult I’ve used as the title for this post. This is an utterly great track.

You Used To Hold Me (Kenny ‘Jammin’ Jason & Fast Eddie Smith Mix) – Ralphi Ro.mp3

2 Responses

  1. A Bagging Area night would be a swell idea,count me in if you do (I'm down the road in Stretford). I don't have my own blog but I do have a horrific amount of music that I've gathered over the years.Nice to hear some housier flavoured stuff again on BA…..Have enjoyed the good rockin' flavoured gear but can't beat a bit of four/4 action……

  2. Thanks Stevoid, have to have a think about it. Not sure I'd find a decent venue in Sale- Bass Drum in Stretford? I've been veering between the rock and the dance for 20 odd years and the blog seems to do the same.

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