Hey Joe Where You Going With That Gun In Your Hand?

Bagging Area favourite Joe Strummer again, to follow the previous post. This is an instrumental song, War Cry, which Joe Strummer contributed to John Cusack’s hitman rom-com Grosse Point Blank. It was recorded during Joe’s briefish songwriting partnership with Richard Norris of The Grid (which gave us the fantastic Yalla Yalla). This is dancey, and listening to it I think you can work out which bits are Joe and which bits are Richard Norris. Interesting to contrast it with the lyrics and tone of The Minstel Boy, both songs being in some way about war.

War Cry.mp3

One Response

  1. Terrific stuff,haven't heard this for a while.Reminds me of one of the rare regrets I've ever had….when working out in Sydney in 2001,I got free tix to see JS from the record shop I was working at the time and I,inexplicably,never went to the gig as something else came up (so important,I can't actually remember what it was) that night.

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