I Don’t Want To Be Nice

Some more bile for you.

I was planning to post this anyway, but after spending the last five hours at the Manchester Childrens’ Hospital waiting for a CT Scan with a special needs 11 year old who hasn’t been allowed to eat since yesterday, only to be told that the scan won’t happen because they’re an anaesthetist down today, well, I don’t want to be nice. Not that it’s anyone’s particular fault.

The bard of Salford, the punk poet, Nico’s flatmate, Manchester Dylan lookalike… Mr John Cooper Clarke, originally from the Disguise In Love lp (geddit). This song features Martin Hannett at the controls and playing bass. In case you were wondering.

04 I Don’t Want to Be Nice.wma

3 Responses

  1. He was filing in for Jarvis on Radio 6 on Sunday, you should Listen Again, if you didn't catch it. Magic, he played Do I Love You.Sorry about your hassle at the hospital.I fear that this will become an increasingly common occurrence in the future

  2. That is so frustrating when you have to deal with an unhappy child. Yes, it is someone's fault. The lack of anaesthetist should have been apparent at start of shift. Would it have been so difficult to work out who wasn't goig to get seen to let them know?

  3. Pretty much word for word what I ranted in the car on the way back Ctel, except with some choice Anglo Saxon in as well. Suppose by the time I typed this I didnt want to blame the nursing staff, who were as always excellent.

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