Camden Cowboys

Last week I posted Jonathan Richman’s Roadrunner. Here is a tribute to the man from Camden cowboys The Rockingbirds. Signed to Heavenly Records The Rockingbirds released several fondly remembered singles (A Good Day For You Is A Good Day For Me, Gradually Learning, this one Jonathan Jonathan) and a couple of albums in the early 90s before splitting in 1995. Their second album was produced by Edwyn Collins and one of the guitarists has been part of Edwyn’s recent touring band. The Rockingbirds missed the U.S. alt-country boat of the mid-to-late 90s by some distance. Too country-ish and not glum enough probably. They reformed last year following the inevitable two disc re-issue of their first album.


2 Responses

  1. Rockingbirds got attention from the press by involvement in the Camden scene, and the debauched culture celebrated there if I remember. Nothing else hit the spot quite like 'Gradually Learning' for me.If you want to do some crate digging, how best to get in touch? I can leave my email addy if that's best?Batfish

  2. I think at that time knowing journalists by hanging around Camden was the only way into the NME. We're off on holiday at the end of the week, but if you leave your email I'll get in touch when we get back. Ta for the offer (again)

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