How Can You Sleep On A Mattress Of Wire?

Aztec Camera’s Roddy Frame is the indie hero who has kept this status despite recording some deeply slick and commercial music over the years, notably during his stay at WEA. At first though he was on Postcard where he released two singles before jumping to Rough Trade where he had the perfect 80s indie hit Oblivious. Roddy has said he will never have the Postcard singles released on CD, which appeals to the purist in me, if not the have-everything-on-one-disc collector in me. This is Mattress Of Wire, his second single on Postcard, which tends to go on ebay for about a tenner. Good value if you ask me. In a link to today’s Rockingbirds post when Edwyn Collins toured following his recovery from three life threatening illnesses a few years ago, Roddy was on guitar. On the night Mrs Swiss and I saw them at Manchester Academy 2 Roddy was blistering, in a non-guitar hero kind of way, especially during the solo in A Girl Like You.
What’s particularly stunning about this song, Mattress Of Wire, is that it was written, recorded and released by a teenager.

Camden Cowboys

Last week I posted Jonathan Richman’s Roadrunner. Here is a tribute to the man from Camden cowboys The Rockingbirds. Signed to Heavenly Records The Rockingbirds released several fondly remembered singles (A Good Day For You Is A Good Day For Me, Gradually Learning, this one Jonathan Jonathan) and a couple of albums in the early 90s before splitting in 1995. Their second album was produced by Edwyn Collins and one of the guitarists has been part of Edwyn’s recent touring band. The Rockingbirds missed the U.S. alt-country boat of the mid-to-late 90s by some distance. Too country-ish and not glum enough probably. They reformed last year following the inevitable two disc re-issue of their first album.