The Flaming Lips ‘She Don’t Use Jelly’

Some wonderful indie-rock nonsense from Oklahoma’s Flaming Lips for your Sunday enjoyment, concerning a girl who spreads vaseline on toast, a guy who sneezes into magazines and a woman who washes her hair using tangerines. The band’s own website says ‘It’s a happy little ditty about strange people and their individual idiosynchrasies… with crunching but still harmonious noise’, and I can’t describe it any better than that.

Tonights World Cup final? I’m not sure I care that much. The Netherlands are effective and not in the habit of losing. Van Bommel seems to be setting some kind of record for committing fouls and getting away with it, while the undoubtedly talented Robben draws as many fouls as possible and rolls over a lot. Espagna play lots of very nice little passing triangles, have the most talented strikers in Europe, and struggle to win every game One-Nil. Neither are exactly setting my heart racing with anticipation. Who knows, maybe we’ll get a Four-Three classic.

She Don’t Use Jelly.mp3

4 Responses

  1. Hey, you’ve moved!

    I like it! Now to remember to update my mink to you, I’ll do it now while it’s fresh in my head.

  2. That’s obviously link to you, not mink, unless you happen to breed ’em…

  3. No minks round here, no ferrets either. I’ll get round to it. Havn’t worked out the blog roll thing yet. Just making sure the blog was backed up before google deleted it.

  4. Great song. You were right about the world cup too – are you really a German Octopus

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