Luke Haines ‘Bad Reputation’

One of the best music related books last year was Luke Haines’ Bad Vibes- Britpop And My Part In It’s Downfall. The tale of the trip abroad with various Britpop bands ending with Luke firing a flare at a fountain being danced around by members of Oasis and The Verve is brilliant, as is his jumping off a high wall breaking both his ankles to specifically get out of a tour, as is him only refering to the detested cellist as The Cellist (who brings depth, gravity and media attention to the records but knows nothing of Lou Reed), as is his physical inability to type the word of the Britpop band who cannot be named (Kula something).

Luke Haines has a deep and wide back catalogue, from The Auteurs to Blackbox Recorder to several solo records. This is one from a solo album, and features a typically barbed dissection of Gary Glitter and The Glitter Band.

‘Gary Glitter
He’s a bad, bad man
Ruining the reputation of
The Glitter Band’

bad reputation.mp3

One Response

  1. A genuine national trasure.I squirmed and cringed though at the bit in his book when he had a major disagreement with Matt Johnson… I said a while back, brillaintly written but made them both look like a pair of dickheads

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