The Rolling Stones ‘Memo From Turner’

I thought I was done with The Rolling Stones. I listened to them loads years ago, mainly the 1968-1972 so-called ‘classic’ albums, amd have had times where I’ve loved the mid 60s stuff, but I got bored with them a long time ago. Besides, they havn’t, as everyone knows, done anything of consequence for decades, and being a Stones fan seems a bit like being a fan of Coca Cola, or Microsoft, or Tesco- a global brand making money first, last and always.

However the recent re-release of Exile On Main Street woke the beast, and when I was in the supermarket last week I gave in and bought the cd. My double vinyl’s pretty knackered anyway. I’ve played it all weekend, it’s worked well with this heat we’ve been having, and it’s so good- dirty, distorted, grungy, funky, bluesy, and all those things serious rock critics say about it.

This is Memo From Turner, from the film Performance. Credited to The Stones at the time, it’s actually Jagger and Ry Cooder, Keef staying away allegedly due to Keef’s then girlfriend Anita romping with Mick on the filmset. Top track this, all woozy slide guitar and Mick sneering about leather boys, Spanish speaking gentlemen called Kurt and daughter’s who lick policemen’s buttons clean.