Beak> ‘I Know’

I got a track by these towards the end of last year, liked it and then forgot all about it until a friend of mine saw them live recently. Beak> are Portishead mainman Geoff Barrow’s other band. A three piece specialising in krauty grooves, with Barrow on drums. I wasn’t totally knocked out by last year’s Portishead album- easy to admire but more difficult to love, but the krautrock and Silver Apples influences were good. This is more live sounding and doesn’t sound like Portishead at all, more on the lines of Holy Fuck, that kind of thing.

Incidentally, Beak> were supporting Chris Cunningham, the Aphex Twin etc video man, who put together a visual and sound montage/performance, with plenty of material of ‘an adult nature’ and more besides. Various sounds triggered various images and so on. According to CJ, my friend who went as part of a foursome, it was pretty extreme, the females in the party were less than impressed, and the whole night was quite uncomfortable. Which was possibly the whole point. Although he did say Beak> were very good. – online file sharing and storage – download I Know.mp3

Monkey Mafia ‘As Long As I Can See The Light’ (Adrian Sherwood Dub Lighting)

Another Adrian Sherwood remix of an 90s dance act for you, following earlier posts featuring his dub remixes of Primal Scream and Death In Vegas, both a few months back. This is the dub version of As Long As I Can See The Light by Jon Carter’s Monkey Mafia, who were a bit big beat, but this, and the original A-side, are chilled out loveliness. It’s a cover of a Creedence Clearwater Revival song (actually the second cover of theirs I’ve posted, the other was by Minutemen, Have You Ever Seen The Rain?). This is spacey, dubby, features some really cool melodica, man, and does everything you’d want it to.

As Long As I Can See The Light (Adrian Sherwood Dub Lighting).mp3