Jake Slazenger ‘ERP’

Mike Paradinas was Jake Slazenger, as well as U-Ziq, and various other pseudonyms. Some of his stuff is great and some I don’t enjoy that much. This track ERP and at least one other, Megaphonk, were the stand-outs from an all round good album back in 1995 called Makes A Racket. Massive sounding analogue synthlines, huge vintage drums and basslines, and impossibly funky tracks with whistleable tunes. ERP and Megaphonk have been road tested round these parts, and find favour with family members of all ages. Top stuff. He also came up with one of the best album titles of the 90s (although the album itself isn’t as good as Makes A Racket)-Das Ist Ein Groovey Beat, Ja.

4shared.com – online file sharing and storage – download ERP.mp3

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