Plaid ‘Scoobs in Columbia’

This utterly wonderful and still fresh sounding, funky, and latin-esque (as in Latin America not the dead Roman language) record was released all the way back in 1992, and hasn’t dated a jot. Plaid were Andy Turner and Ed Handley, previously known as The Black Dog, and were Warp Records mainstays, still contributing to it as late as last year, when Warp did that very expensive box set. This record is a joy. It cropped up on that David Holmes Essential mix, and I’ve got a feeling it was on an advert too- was it that Brazil Nike one at one of the World Cup’s? Or did I imagine that? – music and mp3 sharing – download 09 Scoobs in Columbia.wma

Andrew Weatherall ‘Fail We May, Dub We Must’

I’m not sure how much more Weatherall I can, or should, post, but here’s one more for the road. This is the dub remix of Fail We May, Sail We Must from last year’s outstanding A Pox On The Pioneers album. If you havn’t got the album, you really should get it. That moustache is getting better and better. – online file sharing and storage – download Fail We May, Dub We Must.mp3

52 Minutes 11 Seconds

I was in a race with the man in the picture today. He won. To be fair he set off earlier. I’ve done the Great Manchester 10k Run, in 52 mins and 11 seconds, finishing 7485 out of 36000, so I’m feeling pretty good about it, but my feet and calves are wrecking. Most importantly, I’ve raised over £500 for The MPS Society. Thanks to those readers who generously sponsored me. Back with the music later.