Penguin Cafe Orchestra ‘Music For A Found Harmonium’

Some lovely soothing instrumental sounds, that became a Balaeric classic, finding it’s way on to the first Cafe Del Mar compilation album due to being played by legendary DJ Alfredo. The Cafe Del Mar series ran out of steam and became bland branding very quickly but Volume 1 was good. – music and mp3 sharing – download 01 Music for a Found Harmonium.wma

Music Free Post

I’m still here. I’ve been having problems with Mediafire all day- can’t get it to upload, keeps failing, and I’m still not sure if it’s me or them. It was working fine up until Thursday night. Ho hum. Also had a slightly debillitating hangover today, so havn’t been in the mood for grappling with IT related issues. Back as soon as it’s sorted.