Siouxsie ‘Into A Swan’ (Weatherall Remix)

We havn’t had any Weatherall for well over a week here at Bagging Area, and to be honest between all the pro-Weatherall blogs there can’t be much left to post, but here’s a remix from 2007. Punk-goth Queen Siouxsie Sioux’s Into A Swan, from her first solo album Mantaray, which was pretty good if memory serves. Weatherall takes Siouxsie for a spin round the dancefloor, fairly successfully, though this may not top anyone’s list of favourite Weatherall remixes.

Someone asked me recently, Siouxsie or Debbie Harry? and I answered Siouxsie without even thinking about it. Maybe that’s just me. She’s a bit scary though.

Into A Swan (Weatherall Remix).wma

2 Responses

  1. Has to be Ms Harry SA, no dodgy nazi regalia, although she hasn’t worn as well as Siouxsie

  2. Mmm, you might be right.

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