Gorillaz ‘Stylo’ Live On Later

Just found this- Gorillaz playing Stylo live on Later earlier this week. I heard the album a few weeks ago and wasn’t that taken with it, however this is superb. Have a look on Youtube for the visuals, almost everyone dressed as sailors. This version features Bobby Womack and Mos Def doing the vocals as on the record, but more excitingly for The Clash fans, Mick Jones and Paul Simonon playing live together for the first time since 1983. And if anyone can carry off a peaked sailor’s cap it’s Paul Simonon.


Siouxsie ‘Into A Swan’ (Weatherall Remix)

We havn’t had any Weatherall for well over a week here at Bagging Area, and to be honest between all the pro-Weatherall blogs there can’t be much left to post, but here’s a remix from 2007. Punk-goth Queen Siouxsie Sioux’s Into A Swan, from her first solo album Mantaray, which was pretty good if memory serves. Weatherall takes Siouxsie for a spin round the dancefloor, fairly successfully, though this may not top anyone’s list of favourite Weatherall remixes.

Someone asked me recently, Siouxsie or Debbie Harry? and I answered Siouxsie without even thinking about it. Maybe that’s just me. She’s a bit scary though.

Into A Swan (Weatherall Remix).wma