World Unite ‘World Unite’

A few months back I posted some tracks from the still brilliant sounding Keeping The Faith, a compilation of dance, dance-rock, dance traitors, rock traitors and dub-disco put out by Creation records back in 1991. So far we’ve had Fluke, JBC, Sheer Taft and Hypnotone. Primal Scream and My Bloody Valentine in remixed forms were the best-known artists on the album. This is World Unite by World Unite. I can find out nothing about World Unite other than that their names were Stacey and Potter, and they released this single, World Unite with a remix on the B-side. But it doesn’t matter- this is a gorgeous slice of early 90s dance music, with some very of-the-time positivity lyrics, some world-music backing vox/samples, and the lovely ambient dub stretched out over seven and a half minutes. This is so early 90s it almost comes out of the speakers wearing white jeans, a curtains hair style and saucer-eyed, telling you it loves you. And it does.

08 – World Unite – World Unite.mp3

3 Responses

  1. White jeans!

    nah they were well over by then, Farahs man, farahs were the way to go…

    Love this tune, one of my faves off the album.

  2. Farahs were a bit Man City mid 80s football hooligan. White jeans round here (or grubby, off white, greying jeans more likely)

  3. hmmm, maybe not Farahs then…

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