Teenage Fanclub ‘Don’t Look Back’

Teenage Fanclub, like Sonic Youth, saddled themselves with a name that looks slightly more daft each decade they survive. They have recorded some great and beautiful songs, this one Don’t Look Back being one of them. There is nothing wrong with this song at all, it’s perfect- wistful, wise, romantic, great vocals and lovely guitars, melancholic and uplifting. Somewhere I’ve got a 7″ e.p. Teenage Fanclub Have Lost It, where they did acoustic versions of four of their songs, with old organs and shakers and stuff, which I need to go and dig out.


Two Lone Swordsmen ‘Felt Under Pressure’

More rare Weatherall, this time from a Firewire compilation cd called Audiophiles 1.1. that cropped up on ebay a few years back and had to have. Firewire is the mulitmedia division of Haywire, a dj booking agency, who handled TLS back in the late 90s and onwards. This compilation was released in 1999, and someone at Discogs has it valued at 40 euros (I don’t have a euro symbol on my keyboard). The cd also has Sons Of Slough (Weatherall and his brother Ian’s alias I believe), Silicon Scally, Slick & Flash, Fictional Characters, Grain, Cold Dust and Patrick C on it. I’ll post the Sons Of Slough track at some point- I can’t remember anything about the other tracks, and apart from Silicon Scally I don’t think I’ve heard of any of the rest. I’m sure some of the techno heads out there can advise. This is 7 minutes and 14 seconds of TLS beats, buzzes and funny noises. Click to download if you like the sound of that.

01 Felt Under Pressure.wma