Shrag ‘Talk To The Left’ (DJDownfall Entente Cordiale Mix)

Shrag are a three girl, two boy band from Brighton, making a racket not a million miles away from shambolic c86 indie and early 80s post-punk, dripping with put downs and sarcastic, snotty lyrics. This one was remixed by DJ Downfall (presumably inspired by the film about the last days in the bunker or the childrens’ game with dials to turn), who strips off the guitars and turns it into a clubby drum and synth fest. It’s a withering put down of blokes who talk dirty in bed when they should be getting on the with job, and how they should ‘talk to the left ‘cos the right hand’s busy’. So there.

Is this what we really want chaps? Sexually confident indie girls telling us what we have to do, over pulsing electronica? Eh? Hmmm.

Answers on a postcard.