Guest Post! I May Regret This

My 6 year old daughter has seen me doing this and asked what I’m doing. When I explained about the blog she said she wanted a go, so here it is, a guest post by E.T…..

I like this song because i like dolly parton .I like the rhythm
and i like the music i also like the way she sings.


Frankie Valli ‘The Night’ (Pilooski Re-Edit)

This should warm us up nicely for Saturday night, Pilooski’s re-edit of Frankie Valli’s Northern Soul-esque The Night. Great bassline, uptempo, great vocals, double edged lyrics. Sometimes great dance music is happy/sad rather than out-and-out euphoric, and this song manages that, nailing the lightness and darkside of going out on the town. Nicely touched up by our French friend Pilooski.

The Night (Pilooski Re-Edit).mp3

Keith Hudson ‘Part 1-2 Dubwise’

Some proper 70s Jamaican dub to get Saturday going. Keith Hudsons’ Pick A Dub was one of the first dub album releases, back in 1974. There was a beautifully packaged re-issue in the 90s by Blood And Fire (which Mick Hucknall was partly responsible for. That’s the only time he’s going to feature by name in this blog). This is top stuff.

Part 1-2 Dubwise.mp3