Death In Vegas ‘One More Time’

That Death In Vegas 10″ single I mentioned the other day, one sided with an etched B side picture of a girl’s face, and on red vinyl. Could it have any more collectible features?

One More Time is a nice organ led, retro funky thing, and features Bobby Gillespie. He turns up at the end and says ‘yeah yeah yeah yeah’ a few times. Guess he forgot his lyric book when he went to the studio.

05 One More Time.wma

3 Responses

  1. It is a lovely piece of vinyl. Just as well Gillespie left his lyric book as it mostly contains the words syphilis and parasites and derivatives thereof and the afore mentioned yeah, yeah, yeah’s.

  2. Just what exactly are the Riot City Blues?

  3. Haven’t a fuckin’ clue, something Bobby dreamt up in his expensive pad while sitting around with his showbiz mates.

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