LCD Soundsystem ‘No Love Lost’

Joy Division have become pretty much the biggest cult band in the world in the last few years, with the Control film, the excellent Joy Division documentary, and a whole slew of bands claiming to have been influenced by them (Interpol, Editors etc, who can all do the icy production and rumbly bass but seem to lack the weight. They ain’t very good.)

LCD Soundsystem released this cover of No Love Lost, an early JD song, on their All My Friends single and digital ‘bundle’ in 2007. This LCD version is if anything more ragged than the original, punking up the riff, adding LCD drums, and dropping the admittedly fairly disturbing spoken section from the middle.

No Love Lost Joy Division cover.mp3

RVNG of the NRDS Pilooski ‘AAA’

A bit of recycling here- I got this track from North Country Bhoy a few weeks ago, and I hope he doesn’t mind me reposting it. It’s one of the best things I’ve heard for ages, and my 12″ vinyl copy from ebay turned up yesterday, and it sounds even better than the mp3 I’ve been playing on a loop for the last 2 weeks.

RVNG of the NRDs is a series of re-edits and remixes by folk like Tim Sweeney, Optimo, Lovefingers and Greg Wilson, and in this one, the last in series, French Discodeine hero Pilooski, my second favourite Frenchman *. Pilooski’s done some fantastic re-edits in the last few years, but this is something else. He takes reggae singer Nora Dean’s Angie La-La and monkeys about with it sending it towards the ten minute mark. We start in a tropical jungle, parrots screeching, birds taking flight, then Pilooski adds a big kick drum, the funky looped guitar riff or two, and then the amazing eerie vocal ‘Where have you been all my life boy?’. A breakdown, extra drums, riff comes back, more and more, onwards and upwards. Perfection. Transporting. I like this a lot. Get it now people.

* Eric Cantona is my favourite Frenchman, obviously. For a year or so I’m guessing he was North Country Bhoy’s as well. Heh heh.