The Orb ‘Little Fluffy Clouds’ (Seven Inch Mk I)

It’s funny how, for a type of music so suited to the long form (12″ records, mix tapes, 4 hour dj sets, tracks regularly running over 10 minutes ) the acid house/club culture/dance music scene 20 years ago produced some storming 7″ records. Maybe it was the punk/post punk influence, making music that worked for 3 minutes 30 seconds. This is a great example, the 7″ mix of Little Fluffy Clouds. This is my favourite version- it’s perfect, no need to extend it, just Rickie Lee Jones’ ramblings over those synths and samples on 7 inches of black vinyl.

Other examples off the top of my head? Sub Sub ‘Ain’t No Love Ain’t No Use’, MARRS ‘Pump Up The Volume’, S’Express ‘Theme’, The Beloved ‘It’s Alright Now’ (incidentally if anyone has the 7″ mix of this one as an mp3 I’d love a copy). There must be others. I know there were/are loads of tunes, less poppy chart oriented ones probably, that needed extending out over the 12″, but the 7″ dance single seems like a great part of pop culture.

I shared a house with a friend for two years who was a big Orb fan, so it wasn’t until we moved out that I realised I’d hardly bought anything by them, just used to listen to his, and I still have Orb shaped gaps in my record collection to this day. Must do something about that.

Little Fluffy Clouds (Seven Inch Mk I).mp3

The Horrors ‘Whole New Way’

One of the revelations of last year was Primary Colours by The Horrors, in particular the tracks Sea With A Sea (electro-krautrock Joy Division) and Who Can Say (Joy Division with the ‘she cried’, Shangri La drum beat bit completely ripped off a Rowland S Howard song from 2004 called She Cried). Regardless, good modern rock songs from a bunch of haircuts and tight jeans you wouldn’t have expected it from. They followed it up at the end of last year with this 7″ single, Whole New Way, which pumps up the 80s influences. Good stuff.