St Etienne ‘Speedwell’

More from Bob, Pete and Sarah. Speedwell was originally the b-side to Nothing Can Stop Us, ‘the first real song we wrote’ according to the liner notes for the re-issue of Foxbase Alpha. It’s on the second disc of extras and may be on some of their compilations as well. They seem to have released more compilations than albums. In the liner notes Bob Stanley reckons this track is Moby eight years early- a gospel sample with a beat underneath. It’s a bit more than that. The liner notes add that Paul Heaton (Housemartins, Beautiful South) said this was the ‘best piece of art produced’ that year. It’s not quite that.

06 Speedwell [-].wma

2 Responses

  1. aaah. Been using google chrome. for some reason can’t leave comment, swapped to firefox and hey presto!
    Anyway cracking blog you’ve got going on here. Saw St Etienne twice last year, dull as dishwater to watch but the music takes you right back.
    Keep it up.

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