The Jesus and Mary Chain ‘Coast To Coast’ (Alternate Vocal)

When Automatic, the JAMC’s third album, came out in 1989 they were looking like yesterday’s men. Dance and Manchester had happened, and suddenly black leather and feedback were a bit old hat. It didn’t help that Automatic wasn’t a great lp either- a few good songs, but all produced to sound the same, lyrically repetitive. Drum machines had moved on too, and William and Jim hadn’t kept up really. Coast To Coast was one of the few off this album that had the old Mary Chain magic and menace, so it was good to hear this alternate version of the song, with William singing it, when the JAMC box set came out last year (The Power Of Negative Thinking). Sounds very different from the Automatic version and just as good. Course, when the Reid’s eventually fully digested the musical, chemical and technical changes that were in the air they re-appeared a year or two later with a much better album- Almost Gold.

Coast To Coast w Alternate Vocal — William Reid.mp3

The Weather Prophets ‘Well Done Sonny’

Some small but perfectly formed c86 style indie for Sunday morning. I was going to post Almost Prayed, my favourite Weather Prophets song, but it’s been posted at various blogs over the last few months, so you can have this instead. I first came across this song on a Creation Records sampler called Doing It For The Kids, an whole album for the value price of £1.99. It was chock full of indie goodness- fringes, leather jackets, stripy t-shirts and winkle-pickers. Kids these days don’t know what they’re missing.