Massive Attack vs Mad Professor ‘Radiation Ruling The Nation’ (Protection)

I’ve been listening to quite a bit of dub recently. Some of the proper Jamaican variety but also the post-punk and 90s dance variety. There was an Ashley Beedle mix for Beats In Space floating around just before Christmas, with this track on it. It also had a dub of The Pogues on it. Dub-Irish folk-punk. The whole Massive Attack vs Mad Professor lp is good, one of those cases where buying two versions of one album made sense. Adrian Sherwood did a similar job for Primal Scream on the Vanishing Point album. This is the lead track off the No Protection album- the dub version of Protection featuring Tracey Thorn. Nearly nine minutes of echo, bass, snares, sound effects and Tracey’s vocal chopped to bits. It gets into a serious groove about five minutes in. Top track.

Radiation Ruling The nation (No Protection).wma

3 Responses

  1. Been listening to quite a bit of dub myself recently, before the Fallathon. Bought a great Lee Perry cd recently, dub-triptych, righteous as some would say.

    Radiation is one of those tracks I put on when really stressed and within a minute or two, calmness descends.

  2. we must av all been on a dub trip recently 🙂

    Love this album, and the Scream’s Echo Dek reworking is, dare i say it, better than the actual album..

    And no worries with the add – the more the merrier

  3. Something off Echo Dek coming soon. I’ve got that Lee perry dub trip-tych somewhere. Might give it a spin as well.

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