Quando Quango ‘Atom Rock’

I published a post the other day about The Durutti Column, where I said that Factory Records was the greatest record label ever, and seeing as no-one left a comment arguing about it, I think we’re all agreed on that one. So maybe this’ll become a regular feature. Quando Quango were the first band of Mike Pickering, years before he made pop-house with the massively popular M-People. Atom Rock is very Factory- clipped white boy funk, short back ‘n’ sides, and produced by B-Music (New Order’s production pseudonym). It’s a great record, and features the massively talented Johnny Marr moonlighting from his day job. Can’t imagine this track went down that well in Morrissey’s house though.

07 Atom Rock.wma

2 Responses

  1. Am I too late to disagree? Factory put out some great records but they also released a lot of shite – do I need to mention the N-word?

    In terms of consistency and relevance, Virgin and even Island would have a better claim to ‘greatest label ever’ than Factory.

  2. The shite’s all part of the story. Besides, it was usually beautifully packaged shite.

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