Stereolab ‘Les Yper Yper Sound’

Stereolab- I’m no expert. Liked what I heard but never got into it in a buy-loads-of-records way. There was a 3 cd box-set called Oscillons From An Anti-Sun I bought and this was on it. I think it’s a remix of a single Les Yper Sound. This is something else. 5 minutes of krautrocking rhythm and lounge-techno noises and buzzes. I’ve been rediscovering Saint Etienne recently,through the re-released and expanded Foxbase Alpha and So Tough albums, and in the liner notes Bob Stanley said they offered Stereolab a split single at some point in the 90s. Stereolab turned it down because they were worried it would chart. That’s either admirable or stupid but either way I like it.

03 Les Yper Yper Sound.wma

Bjork ‘Big Time Sensuality’

This song, Big Time Sensuality by Bjork, came on my mp3 player on the way to work the other day, and it transported me for a few minutes, back to the heady days of 1994. I met the future Mrs Swiss on a mutual work night out, and the party ended up in the Paradise Factory nightclub on Quay Street, behind the BBC building in Manchester. It was a fairly straight friendly gay club. I say straight friendly, one night a hardcore lesbian called us ‘filthy heterosexuals’, but there you go. Our courtship lasted several weeks, often ending up in Paradise Factory. There were a few records which were spun week-in week-out at that time- Tinman’s 18 Strings, that disco remix of the Doobie Brothers Long Train Running, The OT Quartet’s Hold That Sucker Down, The Hed Boys Girls And Boys (the vocal went ‘The girls and boys… are dancing on the floor’, went down well as you can imagine), and this one, Big Time Sensuality. I havn’t followed Bjork’s career that closely over the years since Debut. I loved Army Of Me and few others, some stuff moved me less, but Big Time Sensuality was a real time-and-place record, with a great video shot on the back of a truck. The line ‘I don’t know my future after this weekend, and I don’t want to’ spoke volumes. So when it popped up the other day, totally unexpectedly, it took me right back to that dancefloor and our earliest days. So, a bit indulgent and soppy, but Mrs Swiss, this one’s for you.

08 Big Time Sensuality [The Fluke Minimix].wma

The Boys Next Door ‘Shivers’

I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago when I posted about Rowland S. Howard. This is the song he wrote aged 16, which became a millstone around his neck, still having to perform it 30 years later. Sung by a fresh faced Nick Cave, The Boys Next Door’s ‘Shivers’, from before they became The Birthday Party and moved to London.
All together now… ‘ And my baby’s so vain, she’s almost a mirror’

10 Shivers.wma